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In-house Design

To help with Client innovation and development, GSM operate a fully resourced in-house CAD design, specification and prototyping service, combined with a complete volume manufacturing and fabrication resource at our Bradford factory.

GSM respond and service specific Client product needs and demand, providing solutions to technical and material problems and challenges, and also engage with original metalwork product design.

For example, in the Passenger Transport sector for Bradford City Council and working with the City Architects, GSM designed, manufactured and installed bespoke Wind-break Screens at Bradford City Park, and the GSM solution provided a secure, durable, on budget and aesthetic addition in a public setting. Also in this sector GSM:

  • designed and manufactured Bus Stop poles for West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (Metro)
  • designed and manufactured real-time Display Units cases for Metro
  • designed, developed and manufactured bespoke steel Seating Benches for a variety of external Bus Shelter applications

GSM also designed and manufactured a robust Time-table/Poster Case, complete with bespoke fixings to secure to either Pole, Lamp, Column or Bus Shelter as required. To date over 10,000 units have been supplied and installed.

In the Retail Equipment sector, GSM have developed and manufactured a range of Retail Equipment and Products, which have included:

  • Free-standing Shelving Systems
  • Telescopic Poster Holders
  • Steel Gravity Bins

In the Lighting Product sector, GSM have manufactured a range of bespoke Lighting Boxes, Frames and Brackets for Lighting Contractors.

Our design resource operates in a friendly and informal manner – bring our Team a drawing, sketch, sample or picture and we’ll take it through from original concept to finished prototype quickly, smoothly and efficiently, with the minimum of fuss – our design Team are here to solve problems not create them!